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April is National  Child Abuse Prevention Month

Part of Child Abuse Prevention month is an effort to change the conversation from the horrors of abuse-to the role we can all play in preventing abuse and neglect, Prevent Child Abuse America and its 50 state chapters adopted the pinwheel as the national symbol of child abuse prevention in 2008.

The pinwheel represents the great childhood we want all children to have.

Our goal is to use the pinwheel to transform awareness into action by creating conversations about our responsibility as adults to ensure all children grow up in safe, nurturing homes and communities that foster their healthy growth and development.

When people notice the pinwheel and ask about it, an opportunity arises for us to share stories about the good work we are all doing to help increase the Protective Factors that support families in our communities.  

Thank you to those who wore BLUE throughout the month of April to show their support for Child Abuse Prevention!

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