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Welcome to the PCASJC Toolkit! 

This toolkit has information for all of us to help stop child abuse and create a safe, happy place for kids in St. Joseph County. It's for parents, teachers, or anyone who wants to protect children. With this toolkit, you'll have everything you need to make a difference in our community. 

Inside the Toolkit, You'll Find: 

Educational Materials and Good Parenting Tips 


Read articles, guides, infographics, and more on child abuse prevention. Learn different ways to discipline children and help them grow up healthy and strong. 


We believe that every child deserves to be safe and happy. 


Join the Movement and Help Prevent Child Abuse! 

Connect With Your Child Infographic
Alternatives to Grounding
Age-Appropriate Discipline Tips
Child Abuse Fact Sheet
Age-Appropriate Discipline

Prevent Child Abuse of St. Joseph County
PO Box 6535
South Bend, IN 46660

Privacy Policy

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